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Useful Links - Thailand & Laos Travel





Lao Aviation - schedules, reservation and contact details.


Thai Airways International - Very complete page.


Angel Airlines - schedules, reservation and contact details.

Bangkok International Airport

Airport maps for Thailand

State Railway of Thailand

Train schedules, prices and descriptions of services on this english language page.


Bangkok Sky Train - Web site including map.



Bangkok Mass Transit Authority

Bus schedules and routes for Bangkok and beyond.

Bangkok River Taxi Map

Chao Phraya Express Boat - Map





Collection of Lao Travelogues

Long list of Lao related personal travelogues.

Top 50 Travelogues!

Travelogue/backpacking site covering global destinations including Thailand and Lao.







Hotel Villa Santi - Luang Prabang

Nice place to stay in L.P., but I'd eat elsewhere for more authentic food.

Hotel Villa Manoly - Vientiane

Quaint place in Vientiane and reasonable prices.

Laos Hotels and Guesthouses

Part of the oficial Visit Laos web site and a decent list of places to stay throughout the country - with many clickable links.

Boat Landing-Lao

I have not stayed there but the place looks nice and their page has some useful links.





Lao Textiles


Carol Cassidy - Lao Textiles

Traditional Lao textile boutique in Vientiane.

Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles 2

Traditional Lao textile boutique in Vientiane.





Travel Reference Material


Thai Focus - Thailand Travel Resource

Thai related - with good info on the entire country and transport.


Lao Embassy - U.S.A. Good source for visa information and updates on travel restrictions.

Laos Travel Links is a growing site of travel links specific to Laos P.D.R.

Mekong Express Travel Resource

Mekong region travel information.







Vientiane Post

Alternative newspaper

Vientiane Times


Bangkok Post



Radio Free Asia

Laos News Net

Web based Lao news site





Other Links




Lao Human Rights Council


U.S. Based Organization


National Brewery



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